Thursday, January 8, 2009

Civil War Sutler

This picture was taken in 1863 near Petersburg, Virginia. It shows a Civil Was Sutler, with his little shop. The store has a sign that reads, "Fruit and Oysters". That really seems like a strange combination. I would think there would be a lot of things that a soldier would want more than oysters.

Anyway, there was a lot of good discussion around the Civil War picture of Atlanta posted a few days ago. It always amazes me at what passion still exists around the topic of the "unpleasantness" in Georgia in 1864. My dad served in World War II, and he said at that time you were not allowed to discuss the Civil War in the army, as it was a very divisive issue, and it was not considered conducive to troop morale.


  1. He looks very bored. Could
    be from lack of customers.

    I like the way they've
    erected the building.
    Very Solid.
    The roof reminds me of
    1st World War trench

  2. the soldiers loved oysters. The standard army fare, hard bread, pork bellies, and other transportable victuals, were boring and anything out of the norm would be relished. Fruit was hard to get too. So a sutler selling fruit and oysters would likely do well near a troop emplacement. Maybe it was too close to payday when this was taken...

  3. Kent said,

    You're right Paul, look how many posts you received about the Civil War. It is still a divisive issue, state's rights vs. federal, industrialization vs. agriculture, old vs. new and of course, the slavery issue leading to modern race relations. This was the underlying story of the last election.

    The Civil War is one of our country's event that makes ours a great country. No other country ever went to war with itself over such issues. Ain't America great!

  4. I visited Petersburg a few months ago and they have a shed much like the one in your photo. (I suppose it should be refered to as a reinactment) Men were in uniform sitting around outside for anyone who had questions about the sutlers life during the war. It was an enjoyable tour if anyone gets out that way.

  5. He's not bored, he's talking on his cell phone.

  6. In jar "fruit" and "oysters" in actual fact was sale brandy. Here what it is possible to explain to the presence of such the shop on a battle-field. Otherwise shopman was idiot what I disbelieve in. This fact repeatedly can be known in history of Civil war.
    Ukraine fan of Civil WAR (as for me correctly - War for independence of Confederation US)