Monday, December 1, 2008

World War II Biplane

This picture was taken in about 1940, and it shows a medical evacuation biplane. I was unaware that such airplanes existed. You can see that the biplane has a hatch behind the pilot, capable of carrying one injured person. It looks like the compartment would be somewhat cramped, but nonetheless, and innovative design.


  1. I would hate to ride in the back of that. With the cover over it, it would feel like your in a coffin.

  2. I work in the aircraft industry, and thought I'd seen every variation of WWII aircraft, but this is a new one on me.
    Good find.

  3. The compartment does have a few windows, which might make it more tolerable to be placed there.

    An injured or sick person needing transport could possibly tolerate the confinement, knowing that he or she was being transferred to some place offering needed help.

    Medi-Vac helicopters have room for a flight nurse in the patient compartment. I have flown in larger helicopters that accomodated the patient, a respiratory therapist (me), flight nurse, receiving hospital nurse, and neonatologist.

    I have never transported a patient in a fixed-wing aircaraft, but since the 1940s no doubt there have been improvements in the accommodations.

  4. Cool. Despite all the limitation, quite advanced for it's day, don't you think??