Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three for the Price of One

OK, today is our favorite day, because we do not have to go to work, and because the Old Picture of the Day has the Mystery Person contest. We are going to take it up a notch today, and you have to identify three persons in the picture above. You have to get all three correct. The three people are the man in the suit with the gray hat, the man in the suit with the white hat, and the Middle-Eastern man with the maroon shirt and yellow turban. Since I am pretty sure no one can get this one, I will go ahead and give you one clue . . . it was taken in 1921, and the picture is a hand-tinted black and white photo.


  1. I know All that happened in 1871 or so but I always wanted a reason to say that

  2. No more clues . . . all I can say is that it was 1921.

  3. The man, second from
    the left is T.E.Lawrence,
    a hero of my youth.

    Lawrence of Arabia.

    I think the man standing
    in the center is an American
    journalist, but I can't
    remember his name.

  4. Ray,

    I can confirm that the man in the grey hat is in fact Col. T. E. Lawrence, AKA:

    Lawrence of Arabia.

    I am suprised you did not get the man in the middle or the third man. The man in the middle is NOT a journalist.

  5. I thought the central
    figure was Lowell Thomas,
    the journalist.

    Could he be the man on
    far left?

  6. Lowell Thomas us not in the photograph. . . the man on the left is the pilot, who is not a person of note.

    So, still need to get the peron in the middle, and the person in the turban.

  7. OK, we have two out of three . . . the man in the middle is Sir Herbert Samuel, the British Governor for the British Mandate of Palestine, and noted zionist.

    NOW, the third man, the arab man remains unidentified.

  8. is the man in the turban
    Sharif Shaker ben Zaid ?

  9. NO, now you are just guessing. It is not Sharif Shaker ben Zaid

  10. He's a Saudi named King Faysal, right?

  11. ok then it must be Prince Abdullah

  12. Hello Heather . . . you are a little late to join the game today. Well, you are also incorect . . . it is not a Saudi named King Faysal

  13. The Arabian man could be
    Emir Faisal, if not, then
    his father, Sherif Hussein.

  14. Hal in Bamma . . . you got it, the man in the yellow turban is:

    Amir Abdullah

    OK, so Ray in UK got Lawrence of arabia, and Hal in Bama got the other two.

    Heather, who has won on several different times in the past slept in this morning, and missed out. She only got in at the last minute.

    It is suprising to see Lawrence of Arabia with the other people. He was a small man. Since he is such a legendary figure, I had thought he would be taller.

  15. Better late than never :-)
    How about Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini

  16. Good job Ray! No sleeping in for me. My daughter had a 13th birthday slumber party and I'm making waffles with sausage links for everyone - homemade syrup too. Anyone like to join us?

  17. I WANT WAFFLES !!!!!! No fair . . . that is my favorite breakfast, but I would be unconscience with a sugar crash in 45 minutes from the syrup and carbs, so my breakfast this morning is:

    Home made breakfast sandwich:
    Muffin: Home made muffin, sort of like the schlotzki bread, only a small muffin
    Egg: Farm fresh egg, fried to perfection
    Cheese: Real cheddar cheese
    Meat: Home made canadian bacon, smoked over pecan and hickory.

    It is sort of like an egg mcmuffin, only the best thing you have ever tasted.

  18. Mmmmmmm that sounds delicious too PJM. Breakfast is my favorite mealtime.

  19. Thanks Heather.

    I knew as a young mother
    you hadn't slept-in.
    Do you ever?

    Good work Hal, you got the
    hard ones.

  20. I was actually thinking that Ray in UK would get the Herbert Samuel one. I was actually thinking of him when I put this picture up. I think it is interesting that to me Peter O'toole actually looks sort of like Lawrence of Arabia.

  21. I have really been looking forward to doing these on Saturday Mornings while everyone else is sleeping Fun and relaxing I just wish we could have another one today ....THANKS EVERYBODY GREAT SITE !!

  22. PJM
    It is uncanny how much
    Peter O'Toole looked like
    Lawrence in the film.

    I'm ashamed to say I know
    nothing about Sir Herbert
    Samuel. Will look him up
    in Wikipedia.

    I presumed Lawrence was the
    main subject of the mystery
    person. To me, he was such
    an extraordinary man.
    But I think I'm a little
    biased, being a long time


  23. Ray,
    Actually I was posting a picture of Herbert Samuel, and T.E. Lawrence happened to be in it.

    So, as the UK representative on the blog, you will need to brush up on Herbert Samuel, one of the Sons of Britania.

  24. PJM
    That's what happens when
    you become a fan.
    You can't see the wood for
    the trees.

  25. Howard Hughes, Lawrence of Arabia and, and, and argh.

  26. I like to guess even if I'm way too late. I got one out of three!

  27. This picture was taken on the Aerodrome at Amman in April 1921 and the three people are Col. Laurence, Sir Herbert Samuel and Amir Habdullah.

  28. Dang it! I knew who they were without looking them up (weird interest in Middle Eastern History)

    It's T.E. Lawrence, Sir Herbert Samuel and Sheik Abdullah, who was passed over in favor of his brother, Faisal. This was during a tour of the Transjordan when the Middle East was being carved up by France and England.


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