Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rush is On

This photograph was taken in 1898, and shows miners who were part of the Klondike Gold Rush. Notice in the background the long ribbon of miners making their way up the snowy mountain. I don't know if these were competing prospectors, or whether they were miners working for a given company or mine. What I do know is that is sure looks cold.
It is 24 degrees here at my house this morning. That might not be cold to you, but it is sure cold for this area. We actually heat our house with firewood. Our fireplace is connected to the duct work of the house, so when the fire place comes on, it pushes the heat out into the house. So, it is a toasty 82 degrees inside. Too bad I have to go to work today.


  1. Great picture.

    I almost feel as if I am there myself.

  2. wasnt it called the golden stairway, the trail up the mntn?

  3. This is the infamous Chilkoot Trail. Miners going over this pass were required by Canada to take an immense amount of equipment and food, requiring many trips up the trail. At the top was a lake and then a river they had to travel to get to the gold fields. A good fictional story of this is in Michener's "Alaska".

  4. And 'Alaska' is a great book! :)