Friday, December 12, 2008


This picture was taken in 1880 and shows a poor Mexican peon couple. When I was growing up, my family spent lots of time traveling in Mexico. Not going to fancy resorts, but driving around the countryside. This was in the late 1960's and early 1970's. It is amazing to me that the picture above reminds me exactly of what I saw as we drove around the country. I will never forget the abject poverty of the people there. I have not been back to Mexico since then, so I wonder if the people in the countryside there still live in such poverty.


  1. I can't believe that photo was taken 120 years ago. It looks like it could have been taken today.

    There's still abject poverty in Mexico.

  2. Mexico is one of the saddest examples of corruption. 1% of the population controls the money. when you consider that receipts from Mexicans working outside of Mexico (i.e. working in the US and sending money home) makes up the #2 source of income for the country, you realize that something is seriously wrong there. They could be considered a 3rd world country, I believe, because so much of the population does live in abject poverty. It's so very sad.

  3. I am a Mexican and Mexico is such a crazy place!
    Did you know that the richest man in the world is Mexican but also you can find very poor people here...and some others that have lots lots looots of money....I live in one of the richest cities of the country where the lifestyle is very comfortable and I really haven't visited the states that are known to be so beautiful in nature but where very poor people are, but I've seen some cases in Mexico City, a city where you can find anything! the ugliest places and at the same time, the most beautiful ones!
    That's how Mexico is, I would not say it is a poor country cause it is definately NOT but at the same time, there are lots of people who're still living like those in the picture, but not everybody is like that....and yes, as Norkio commented, it is a 3rd world country but it is growing fast! probably in some time we'll be a 1st world country too, I'm faithful!
    regards :)

  4. Is it a good idea to move from the United States to Mexico then? Move some of the money down there?

  5. Hey smartgirl, its 130 years ago.


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