Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Girl Eating Pie

This picture was taken in 1899 and shows a little girl eating pie. I find the photograph fascinating, in that it really could have been taken yesterday. It is amazing to me that for all that things change, some things remain the same. You know her parents adored her, and you can not help but wonder what things she saw in her life.


  1. I totally agree with you. When looking at older images I always wonder what happend with the subject's life.

    Great quality BTW.

    / Marcus

  2. I agree, also. I often stare at these pictures for hours wondering who these people were, and what they experienced in life.

    Many of them look as if they could be with us now. It gives one a comforting sense of continuity, although I often wish our lives could be more like some aspects of the past.

  3. If this young lady lived a full life she saw the advent of the automobile and the airplane. She likely remembered the horse-drawn produce (fresh vegetables) wagon and ice cart (for ice boxes) that routinely made their way down her street on a regular basis.

    This girl also saw the coming of electrically-powered refrigerators and automatic washing machines (and clothes dryers). Then came wash-and-wear, wrinkle-free clothing.

    Milk was delivered (quart glass bottles), as was bread and related bakery items.

    In addition, she lived through the depression and two world wars.

  4. @Brother Dave

    As did my wife's Grandmother, this girl saw not only the advent of the airplane, but also man step on the moon.

    One lifespan.

  5. Cool site. I once found a box of old pics- photos and post cards from the mid 1800's until about the early 1900's. From the writing on the back, I was able to determine the whose-who in the family- the Coho family from Ontario,Canada. They belonged to a women who was first pictured as an infant, and all through her life to an old lady. As I laid out all of the pics in order, I had the strange, melancholic sensation of 'knowing' this women, almost as if she was in the room with me. I 'lost' the box of pics for about 25 years, only recently rediscovering them. With the advent of the internet,I've started to try to hunt the decendents down to return the pics, so far no luck.

  6. My Great grandmother was born in 1899. Of course, I only knew her as an old woman but I often wondered what her early childhood was like. When she passed away in 1981 she lived in a 100 year old, two room house and still did all of her cooking and heating with a woodburning stove.I have wonderful memories of her and wish I could have know more about her life.

    It is a shame that it takes us getting older to value the relationships we had when we were young.

  7. Any guesses on what kind of pie she's eating? I think it looks like mincemeat.
    I'm fortunate that I've been raised in a family that believes in journaling. When my mother died, reading her journals brought me comfort. I hope mine will do the same someday for my children.

  8. She sure is a cutie "PIE".

  9. Heather
    I like to think it's cherry
    pie, to give such a wonderful
    I also agree that old photos
    get you thinking about the
    people portrayed and who
    they where, and how things
    turned out for them.

  10. Ray, there are two secrets for a great cherry pie - a little cream to kiss the cherries before covering with a lightly sugar dusted crust.