Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This picture shows a group of soldiers camped near the Gettysburg Battlefield. The picture was take in 1865. I like the picture because you can see a little more detail than normal in how people dressed at this time. You can see most of the men are wearing hats. Also, you can see a supply wagon in the background. It is amazing the clarity there is in pictures taken over 140 years ago.


  1. Uh, half the people in that picture are black and therefore very unlikely that they were "soldiers" on either side.

    Also, there are no firearms visible (long guns or personal) in the picture - something that is very visible in other Gettysburg pix - even in the 'back area' pictures.

    Finally, at this stage in the war the Union troops were well uniformed, confederates less so but still using at least a kepi.


  2. Aww, who cares where, what, or who! This is an amazing photo; thanks so much for sharing it!

    ~Hugs, Deb

  3. I agree this is a fantastic photo, but I also agree it is unlikely these are soldiers. The Gettysburg campaign ran over three days in July of 1863. The photo was taken in 1865. Lee surrendered in April 1865. I venture to guess these people are townsfolk of Gettysburg or even tourists. The cemetery at Gettysburg was dedicated in November 1863 so it's possible.

  4. Just because they are not in uniform does not mean that they are not soldiers. In 1865 could have been a get together of soldiers, in civilian clothes, for a dedication or other event. In 1865, war was probably over, but any number of events could have been on the gettysburg battlefield

  5. pjm did you put a wine glass in there? or I might be wrong. have been beforre. love the photos anyway. and THANK YOU for all of them

  6. They are more than likely cooks- the non-military attire, the pots and peelings on the left hand side, and the knives in evidence- one being used, one being sharpened. That would also help explain the presence of the black men in the photo. Also, the white guy on the left appears to be wearing a kepi.

    I'm leaning towards the after war get together or dedication ceremony posited above.

    Great photo, regardless of whether these men are soldiers or not.


  7. I also agree that the men are probably cooks, but it's still a great photo.

    We visited Gettysburg a few years ago, and we stayed at a small motel that was situated on the edge of the actual battlefied. There is a historical house on the property that was a farmhouse at the time that was taken over by one of the commanders and used as a headquarters. I can't remember whether it was the confederates or the union who occupied the house, but it was really interesting.

    Today the house is a little museum. And we actually stayed across the street from the main motel in a house that abutted the battlefield, it was only a few feet away.

    People say it's haunted, and my daughter stayed up all night looking out the window, she was scared to death. We drove through the actual battlefield the next day, it's huge, and there is memorial/park in the center with markers all over the place marking the spots where various militia companies fought and died.

    It was an ubeliveably overwhelming experience. Truly hallowed ground.

  8. Look at the third man from the right, the one leaning against the rock, with his head on his hand. It looks like he's missing part of his leg.

    And look at the black man sitting in the center, fifth from the right, with his elbows on his knees. It looks like someone instered a wine glass into the photo or is it a flaw or an illusion?


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