Sunday, December 28, 2008

Early Telephone

This picture was taken in 1907, and shows an early model of the telephone. I find the dresses and hairstyles of this period interesting.


  1. Yes, that hair is a definite curiosity; and the dress, it does little for me :)


  2. The dress is very "feminine," not that I would want to wear it. The telephone looks like a "record turn table" and it looks like a "record" on the table below.

  3. How did they get their hair to stay like that?

    They didn't have the styling products we have today?

  4. In 1907 how ubiquitous was the telephone? I wonder if only the wealthy afforded telephone service. The well-coifed hair and expensive looking dress says "money."

    In 1946 we had a phone, but the service was a party-line. We moved during the summer that I turned 10. In our new home we definitely had a private line.

    We were in the Madison exchange. Our phone number was "MA-6233." There was no such thing as an 'area code'. All long-distance calls went through an operator, either 'station-to-station, or the pricier 'person-to-person'.

  5. They got their hair into these piled up Gibson styles by using "rats" and hair pillows, then piling their own hair over them and fastening it with hairpins. They used a lot of false hair too.


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