Friday, December 19, 2008

Deadwood Stage

This picture was taken in 1889, and shows the Deadwood Stage in the Dakota Territory. This had to be a tough way to travel, as I am sure it was slow, bumpy, and extra bad in inclement weather. I guess the scenery would have been a plus though.

In my former job, I had to travel a lot and really hated it. I was typically on the airplane at least once a week. I hated having to lug my bags through the airport, arrive late, rent a car, and then try to find the destination. I have to say traveling was the thing I hated most of all. I wonder if some people actually enjoy jobs that require a lot of travel?


  1. This is a great picture! Am advising some of my friends to check it out.


  2. I can't IMAGINE anybody enjoying a job like that, where you have to travel all the time.

    Of course, I might be sort of biased because I hate travel so much that it almost deters me from taking vacations.

  3. When I left school in the
    early 1960s I joined the
    merchant navy, as a deck
    boy, becoming an able
    seaman after five years.

    I spent 10 years at sea
    traveling all over the
    world. Places as diverse
    as the Hudson Bay to
    Pitcairn Island.

    Though the wage wasn't
    good, it was a great job
    for a young man. A great

  4. My husband is a regional sales and national accounts manager for a company in Ohio, and we live in Rhode Island.

    His territory includes all of New England, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

    Needless to say, he isn't home much.

    I didn't think I'd like it when he first took this job 15 years ago, but it's actually worked out quite well. He's usually away three or four days a week, and I have plenty of time to myself and to take care of my elderly parents.

    He has traveling down to a science and flies first class and stays in great hotels, all for free. And . . we get to keep all of the frequent flyer miles and hotel points, etc.

    So, a couple of times a year, we take a fabulous trip for FREE. I haven't paid for airfare or hotels in 15 years. We always fly first class and stay in the best suites, all on comp points.

    Our daughter has been to Hawaii twice and to a million other places, and we've never had to pay for anything except our meals and entertainment.

    And now that our daughter is in college, I can go along on some of these business jaunts with him, if there's some place I'd like to visit, like New York City or Washington, DC.

    And . . since Rhode Island has the worst economy in the entire country, we are fortunate that my husband's compensation isn't based here.

    I guess it takes a certain type of person to feel comfortable with this type of arrangement, but I like it. I'm very independent and need a lot of space.

    Actually, I think it makes for a better marriage in a lot of ways.

  5. Oh, I forgot. He has all of Pennsylvania, too.

  6. I'm a hospice nurse and I routinely put 200-300 miles on the car in 4 days. I love it!

    The time spent driving in the car is the only time I have to myself these days. I listen to what I want to hear, think about what I want to and eat where I choose. Plus in between little jaunts, I get to go to someone's house and help them out. It's the best job.


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