Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Camp Site

Sorry I am late getting the POD posted. As I have mentioned in the past, I live in a rural area, and the telecommunication infrastructure is not very robust. I get my Internet beamed in from a tower several miles away. The equipment on the tower went out, so I lost my connection last night. Anyway, better late than never. The picture was taken in 1889, and shows a surveyors camp near Deadwood, in the Dakota Territory. I find it interesting that there appears to be some pet deer in the camp, and some women as well.


  1. I love this site, The pictures are wonderful.

  2. As slow as the surveying went in this extremely rural state, the women are probably wives of the men. The tent looks fairly permanent with a stove and the tame deer.

    I would imagine these men were setting monuments for other surveyors to use as the inexorable division of the land progressed. Surveying there in the winter took some very tough men!

  3. With the stovepipe
    protruding from a very
    sturdy looking tent,
    the women, the musicians,
    the animals and there
    equipment, all make for
    a wonderful photo.