Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mystery Woman

It is a Mystery Woman you asked for, and it is a Mystery Woman that you get. I got some comments and email that I always make the mystery person a man. Thank you for pointing out my lack of diversity, which I will rectify today (and be more mindful of in the future).

I was really surprised that anyone was able to figure out the person last week. I did give a little help in the comments. This week you get nothing. No year, no hints, and no clues. You are totally on your own.

Who is this Mystery Woman?


  1. My guess is that this is the "unsinkable" Molly Brown.

  2. I concur. Molly Brown it is.

  3. Molly Brown no doubt.


  4. OK, you are all correct, it is in fact Margaret Brown, AKA the unsinkable Molly Brown. She got the knick name for, among other things, being a survivor of the titanic sinking.

    What a great picture, and what a example of the great American Spirit.

  5. Hooray! I actually knew this one!

  6. I'm so sad I only just found your blog. I am a Titanic fanatic and actually knew this picture was of Margaret Brown.

  7. I was looking every page in your blog, thank you! you are awesome for show all that. I am trying find a old photo with a woman juggling knifes and I can´t.. I had a patch as this in my bag, but my bag was stolen and now I want try find it again... also women with old cameras (I am photographer:). If you have some idea where I can find it (in Internet I didn´t) will be great!

    Thank you! I will follow your blog!