Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mexican Peon

This photograph was taken in 1909 and shows a Mexican Peon posing in front of a wall. The man is carrying what looks to be a Model 94 Winchester 30-30 with saddle ring. The history of Mexico is an interesting one, and is a story of one revolution after another. While Mexico is rich with Natural Resources, the country has suffered from instability and corruption in government. There are few periods of extended stability in the country. As a child, I can remember my family traveling through Mexico a number of different times. It was quiet common to get pulled over out on desolate highways by the police, basically looking for small bribes.


  1. PJM:

    You are correct. Mexico is a beautiful country with a rich and colorful history, but it is still dangerous and unstable.

    I knew some wealthy Mexicans who live there and they had armed guards all the time. I also know of tourists who were robbed and killed, even in fancy resorts.

    It's too bad, because they have such beautiful resorts there, but such poverty and crime, too.

    I've been to Mexico many times, I love it, but I'm always a little nervous.

    Have you ever been to Chichen Itza and see the ancient Mayan pyramids? They are breathtaking, just as good as Egypt!!!

  2. As a child my family traveled to Mexico with a travel trailer. This was in the late sixties and early seventies. We never felt in danger of a crime, and never felt in danger from the Law Enforcement. It was just more a a nuicance if you did not bribe the police they would keep you there and search your car, and then call someone else who would look some more. Usually I think they just wanted small bribes under a dollar. It was a nuisance, but we never felt threatened. I think it is more recently that people feel unsafe there.

    I never went to the Mayan ruins. We would go deep down into mexico into the tropics and stay near a little village called Valles. The mountains and rain forrests were absolutely beautiful. Often wished I could go back, but I think those days are gone, and safety would make you worry about pulling a travel trailer across Mexico.

  3. Notice the holstered pistol at his belt?

  4. Is that also a knife on his belt towards the center? Looks like an ornate handle. Also, his boot looks like it might have a strap, like maybe there is a place for a knife to be stored there too.

  5. Wikipedia describes a peon as being a low-status wage earner, as well as a laborer with little control over his or her employment conditions.

    Even when allowed to work in U.S. agriculture as "undocumenteds" (our government turning a blind eye to the situation) such people have been very low-status wage earners.

    Even those here legally will accept a low wage.

    As for visiting Mexico, there are far safer places in my opinion.

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  7. I am right with Brother John; he looks more like a “BANDIDO” than a “PEON”.

    Those little police bribes are called “MORDIDAS” - bites in Mexican language, and it is deep inside their culture like a minor and unavoidable problem.

    Roger (Spain)

  8. Maybe this man is connected to the
    Mexican revolution, which started
    within a year of this photo being
    Not a peon, as Brother Dave hinted.
    More a bandit, as Roger said.

  9. Re: "Not a peon, as Brother Dave hinted. More a bandit, as Roger said."

    I have to confess that the bandito label did not occur to me at the time. On second glance I vote "bandit."

  10. He appears to be to be a rurale - an ununiformed enforcer of the ruling class under Porfirio Diaz. He is definitely not a peon. He may also be a member of a revolutionary group. Most likely he is not a bandit, but could be. There were few distinctions at times between bandits and rurales.

  11. This is My Great Tio Antonio Carrasco,he was a babndito in Texas and Maxico.

  12. This picture appears to be notorious gang Leader Antonio Carrasco. see


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