Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fearless Freddie

This is a photograph of Fearless Freddie. He was a "Wing Walker" in the early 1900's. He would walk across the wing of a biplane in flight, and then he would use the little rope ladder to climb down onto another biplane flying below. Now remember on Monday that I turned over a new leaf to only have happy thoughts, so I will have to say that I think it is real safe what this guy is doing. No way anything could go wrong here. Nope, perfectly safe.

So there, I have had two positive posts in a row. Notice how I did not even mention that Circuit City went bankrupt on Monday, or that DHL announced 10,000 layoffs, or that GM has lost 1/3 of its value in the last two days, and will be bankrupt by Christmas if the government does not intervene. Nope, I did not mention any of that. Now, I see that Nancy Peloci is meeting with GM to work out details of a bailout for GM. Apparently, if they start building cars that suit her political agenda, she will give them some of our hard earned money. Wonderful, I can hardly wait. I can not wait to get the chance to buy the Yugo that is going to come out of that deal. Party On!


  1. I certainly hope you didn't buy your 72 inch plasma at Circuit City....the warranty will not be any good! :)
    Party On!!!

  2. Way to Go Paul:

    What terrific comments!!!!

    First of all, the photo reminds me of the movie "The Great Waldo Pepper" starring Robert Redford, which was released in the 1970s. Does anyone else remember this film? It was about a similar character. I can't believe people even DID that stuff!!

    Re the economy, I couldn't agree MORE. I think it is terrific that the taxpayers in this country are now going to foot the bill for the UAWs outrageous health and benefit plans!!!

    Nancy Pelosi is absolutely correct - we need to subsidize organized labor, they have it tough. So where do I mail my check - quick - I can't write it out fast enough!!!

    Of course, the fact that the greedy and short-sighted unions sucked the lifeblood out of GM, Ford, and Chrysler along with the inability of those companies to take a stance against the unions' outrageous demands should be COMPLETELY overlooked.

    I have decided that effective immediately, I am going to mail Nancy Pelosi my mortage bill, my health insurance bill, my daughter's college tuition bills, and and my fuel bills.

    After all . . .as a taxpayer, I am entitled to those subsidies, and I encourage everyone else to do the same!!!

    And since I don't have to pay for THOSE things any more, I am going to rush right out and buy myself a bunch of stuff, including a new HD Plasma TV, a new car, some $200 sneakers, and overpriced designer clothes.

    I invite you to all join me - THIS IS GREAT!!!

  3. And to think I paid off my mortgage all by myself.....whatever was *I* thinking? Silly me, raised by my father to be self sufficient and independent. Now why on earth did he raise me like that? lol!

    I love your pictures and I agree with you 100%. Party on!! :)

  4. Getting to Right wing Radical on here. This is supposed to be about the photography not the political retoric. Bye enjoyed it for a good while though.

  5. I will always check in on your photos as I am a working pro with a LIFE cover. The commentary well . . . to each his own. It isn't just the UAW, I've owned a lot cars and most of the american made models are a piece of *!@# compared to the imports. I once had to pay Ford extra $ because the bumper was optional! I don't need a SUV or pick up as a replacement for my penis.

    Last year I bought a KIA for $14,000 (I could have bought the same car without air and a radio for under $10,000) with a impressive warranties, great gas mileage and a ton of extras. I would pay twice that amount for an American car not just because of the UAW, but also for the golden parachutes, lobbyists, etc.

    American automobile manufacturers will never get it. Look what they did to Tucker and DeLorean. Ford could have really cashed in on retro cars for us baby boomers, but management was too stupid.

    If anyone should loose their jobs in American it should be the lobbyists who drain so much and cost everyone else too much.

  6. Party On PJM! I loved how you didn't post anything negative! LOL! You just keep on posting your thoughts. Most of us love them and agree! How are we going to get Nancy 'Pill'osi outta there?? She is not good for us. She does not have the Taxpayers best interest at heart.
    As for hmby41 - Later dude!

  7. Those classic ideas never go out of fashion :-)
    Cute Yugo Pic of the Day

  8. Calibama,

    Government and business do what is in their own best interests and rarely is that in the taxpayer or public interest. And it just isn't Pelosi, it's bridges to nowhere and a 5 trillion dollar war that did not have to be.

  9. I really enjoy your pictures and I hope you keep posting them. However, you are going to lose numerous visitors, including myself, by diverting attention from the wonderful pictures to political commentary. That is not what I visit here for.

  10. You can Tell it like it is PJM. AGAIN I stress, it is His Blog, if you do not like what he says, be smart enough not to READ IT, if you read it , well note, he has as much right to write it in HIS BLOG, so don't hang the Messager.............. Welcome back SHANE....

  11. I'd like to voice my agreement with those commenters who are less than thrilled with the political turn that this blog has taken. Naturally it's your blog, and I can't imagine anybody would be dumb enough to think that we are saying that you don't have a right to write whatever you want. (Also, I was disgusted to read that you were receiving hateful personal emails!)

    That said, I come here for beautiful, historical pictures (and the occasional amusing oven story ;) ), not sarcasm and political bitterness. It's quite clear that you have a great deal to say about politics, so why not consider opening up a separate blog on that topic? You are very well-written and I am sure that you'd pick up a following!

    In the meantime, please think about focusing on photos as you always have. We've all got enough divisiveness in our daily lives, I think, without dealing with it everywhere else.

  12. I'm sorry people are making change your blog to suite their ideals

  13. Say, PJM, I have to admire your ideals and principles base on your comments. If more of us became more than commenters, we could instigate more change that Mr Obama and his cronies could stop. Lets start by getting you lined up to run for the Representative seat in your district. I think it comes up in two years. If you do that, probably more of us that aren't almost bedridden would be inspired to follow suit.

    After two terms, we could get you to the Senate andthen .............Governor "M". If this continued across the country, in about 16 years we will have made inroads into the superstructure and we will begin to have a real responsive, honest government.

    In the mean time, us old foggies will keep after the rascals and see that they stop the cheating and catering to the lobbiests. I can see it now!

    Get out the bumper stickers and get the district voters used to seeing: VOTE FOR PJM FOR THE LEGISLATURE.

  14. Damn… you kept your promise. Bravo!

    The taxpayer has always foot the bill of government, in one way or another.

    Look at all the giveaways that were tacked onto bills by a Republican president over the past eight years.

    So with the upcoming administration it will likely be more of the same.

  15. You have more fans than haters, keep your blog however you want it. Real readers will come back anyway.
    Party On Garth.

  16. My, what a childlike idiot you are. First you tell people to not buy crap they don´t need and then whine about companies on the brink of collapsing. Pick one thing and stick with it.

    Yes, people, save all your money. So when the economy collapses and the dollar get´s devalued by the day, you still wait.

  17. Re: "My, what a childlike idiot you are…"

    Curator — Did you somehow offend "anonymous" and spawn that attack?

    And what a stupid idea that people should save money. Spending [and going into debt] for our excesses is a much smarter idea.

  18. GM going bankrupt would be a blessing for the American consumer, the American economy, and the American auto industry.

    And they WON'T stop making cars either way! Did Delta stop flying when they went through bankruptcy? NO! They reorganized into a more competitive configuration, which is what GM will do.

    Fear not, Chicken Little, the sky is not falling.