Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Postman

This picture was taken in the early 1900's and shows a very buys postman, somewhat overwhelmed with the start of the Christmas Shopping Season. Well, with Thanksgiving behind us, we are once again in that hectic time of year.

I am just curious if you all enjoy Christmas or Thanksgiving better. As for me, I really enjoy Thanksgiving. I enjoy having the relaxed time at home, enjoying the food with family and friends. I enjoy watching the football game after the meal, and in years passed, this was the time that I would enjoy going deer hunting with friends. So, Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Christmas, on the other hand, I find to be much to hectic. I enjoy giving, but I feel under a lot of pressure to come up with gift ideas for everyone, and to get the shopping done. Then there is the tree and all the decorating. My wife and I don't exchange Christmas gifts. If there is something she really wants during the year, she gets it, and lets me know that it was from me for her Christmas. I do the same. In more recent years, we tend to give people things we cook for Christmas. We really enjoy smoking meats, and will give people a gift package with home made Canadian Bacon, some smoked salmon, some barbecued pork, and maybe half of a smoked turkey breast.

So, tell us about your Holiday traditions . . . do you enjoy Christmas or Thanksgiving more?


  1. You don't see postmen like that anymore, thats for sure! Another brilliant picture.

    I live in the UK so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I used to love Christmas as a child, but now I'm older it's a lot of stress of disorder, especially with a big family to feed and buy presents for.

  2. What a great photo!!

    Actually, the first thing that came to my mind was the classic Christmas movie "Miracle on 34th Street," specifically, the scene in which the post office dumps all of the mail addressed to Santa on the judge's desk!!

    And I agree about Christmas being too hectic. I enjoy Thanksgiving much more as well. Christmas has become too rushed and WAY too materialistic.

    My husband and I have never exchanged Christmas gifts (or birthday or anniversary gifts for that matter). My parents never did any of that stuff either and they have been happily married for 62 years. It's unnecessary. It's what you do for someone every day that counts, not wasting money on something that you can't afford once a year.

    Our daughter only gets one gift each year, and she's fine.

    Christmas is about family and friends, not plasma TVs and Wiis.

    I'm sure that by now you've all read about the poor WalMart employee who was crushed to death by a crowd of shoppers Friday morning. Honestly, how low can we go.

    Here in Rhode Island, a group of local charities commemorates Black Friday as "Buy Nothing Day." Instead of rushing to the mall and wasting money, they collect used coats and warm clothing for the homeless and needy, and they distribute them on the lawn of the Rhode Island State House in Providence.

    I think this is a far better alternative.

  3. Thanksgiving has always been far more hectic than Christmas. For the past 11 years after my mother died my sister-in-law and I have taken turns hosting Thanksgiving. That means getting up very early in the morning to get the turkey in the oven and do all the cooking and baking (doing some the day before isn't an option because of my job). For all the effort, everyone sits down and within minutes inhales their food, and then does nothing the rest of the day. Of course no one wants to help clean up. Which is why this year I opted out and had Thanksgiving with a friend and her family. SO MUCH FUN! Everyone pitched in to make the meal, everyone helped clean up and afterwards they played games. Then we went to the movies! FUN!
    But Christmas is always special. As a single parent I never have much money to spend so we all make gifts for each other with whatever talent we have. I paint pictures, knit scarves and hats, and bake a variety of goodies. My children make me things in return or do acts of service that are very much appreciated. As the years have gone by I can only recall a few of the store bought gifts I've received but I'll bet I can tell you every one of the homemade ones.

  4. We obviously don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Iceland so Christmas it is for me. :)

  5. Thanksgiving means doing the feast at our place. The three sons and some of the grandchildren had gathered with us this year. Other grandchildren are in Phoenix, living with their mother.

    Christmas is for the kids. Each local grandchild will have a gift under the tree. Beginning Christmas Eve, when any of the grandchildren show up, their gift is waiting. The Phoenix grandchildren have their gifts sent to them.

    No one holiday is preferred above the other. Each has its special meaning and celebration.

  6. A very spry old gent.

  7. I enjoy each holiday for different reasons. Right now we are in a state of flux in my family as my daughter is the only grandchild, and my parents had the luxury of doing things their way for 40 years. Now we want to start some traditions for my daughter and everyone is flipping out because we are changing things. It always turns out nice but it can be stressful. I think I enjoy Christmas a bit more because I like to decorate. :-)

  8. I love both for different reasons. Thanksgiving is special, getting together with family, no stress about buying gifts etc.. just enjoying each other's company and eating all the good food. My favorite part is the preparation. I look forward every year to baking pies, making devilled eggs, stuffing, etc... I moved to Alabama from California in '99. My mom was here with me but I lost her in '04. I haven't had Thanksgiving with my dad since I left in '99. He has since moved to Oklahoma, so for the first time in 9 years, I made the trek to my dad's house and enjoyed Thanksgiving with him. It was the best holiday I've had in YEARS!!
    I love Christmas too, but like everyone else, for different reasons. Of course I go through the stress of trying to come up with money to try to get the right gift for everyone and just not being able to afford everything I wish I could. My mom always went the extra mile, I feel I have something to live up to sometimes. Last year I resorted to money for my kids since they are getting older now (17 & 15). I had a few things for them to open, but it was mostly money. Which they had no problem with whatsoever by the way. This year I will again resort to money, but it will not be as much since I am now paying for insurance for a second teenage driver...One thing I can be sure of, if I give them a pair of socks, a $10 bill and a hug my kids will like the hug the best. Since losing my mom we all appreciate each other more than things. It's a hard lesson to learn when you lose someone you love. Merry Christmas everyone! God Bless us all.