Friday, November 28, 2008

Black School Children

This picture was taken in 1900 in Hampton, Virginia. It shows a school room with Black Children. It is interesting to note that the picture does not show the abject poverty often seen at this period. All the children have shoes, and apparently fairly nice clothes. Nothing else is known about the children.


  1. Enlarging the photo reveals the blackboard topic: "The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers." On the desk is a log house model with a large rock (of scale) on the property. Perhaps a representation of a home having been built near Plymouth Rock.

    Not only are the school children wearing shoes, they are rather nicely dressed. The girls' hair is somewhat styled.

    This photograph was taken eleven years before my Father was born.

  2. Beautiful photo'
    The children are wearing nice clothes. The children who are seated mostly seem to have clasped hands, and the little boy in the middle on the front row has his eyes clothes, I guess they were praying. It's a really fascinating picture, Thank you for showing it.

  3. Amazing photo, getting a sneak-peek at a (Thanksgiving?) school lesson over 100 years ago.


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