Tuesday, October 14, 2008

USS Galena

This is a picture of the USS Galena. The picture was taken in about 1862. The USS Galena was a state-of-the-art ironclad Warship. Creation of such ironclad ships in the Civil War changed the balance of power in the world, as it made virtually obsolete the entire British Navy, which had dominated the seas for many years.


  1. As an ex-seaman I'm always interested
    in seafaring pictures. (The powder-monkey shot you posted sometime ago
    was brilliant.) I'm surprised how
    low it is in the water.

  2. Thank you! This is an amazing picture.

  3. I can't believe such a picture from so long ago. Sometimes, it makes you think things really haven't changed all that much.

  4. Thank you. I am from Galena, Illinois, Home of Grant and a total of nine Civil War Generals.


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