Friday, October 17, 2008

P-51 Mustang

This photograph was taken in 1942 and shows a P-51 Mustang in flight. I have always found military hardware exciting. When I was a boy there was a National Guard armory near where I lived, and we always loved to drive by and look at the tanks. I always like going to the air shows, especially the ones with the Confederate Air Force, which has restored lots of old WWII airplanes.


  1. Great shot of a true classic warplane. It appears to be the P 51A model which was the original configuration. Later models went to a bubble canopy the allowed the pilot to see enemy aircraft approaching from the rear. It had a 12 cylinder Allison engine that produced over 1000 horsepower.

    Thanks, PJM for the site.

  2. What a great quality pic, especially for being over 60 years old!