Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open Range

This photograph was taken in 1910, and shows a cowboy looking out on the open range. I think this way of life has pretty much vanished, as more and more ranch work is done by technology. Where I live, I do see people still wearing spurs, boots, and chaps, so there are a few real cowboys left.


  1. Are There Any More Real Cowboys? Lyrics by Neil Young

    Are there any more real cowboys
    Left out in these hills?
    Will the fire hit the iron
    One more time?
    And will one more dusty pick-up
    Coming rolling down the road
    With a load of feed before the sun gets high?
    Well, I hope that working cowboy never dies.

    Not the one that's snortin' cocaine
    When the honky-tonk's all closed
    But the one that prays for more rain
    Heaven knows
    That the good feed brings the money
    And the money buys the clothes
    Not the diamond sequins shining on TV
    But the kind the working cowboy really needs.

    Are there any more country families
    Still working hand in hand
    Trying hard to stay together
    And make a stand?
    While the rows and rows of houses
    Come creepin' up on the land
    Where the cattle graze and an old grey barn still stands
    Are there any more real cowboys in this land?

    Are there any more
    real cowboys in this land?

  2. A great photo! Thanks

  3. I grew up in small-town Wisconsin and one of my brother's classmates was a true-blue cowboy. I had a little crush on him. I graduated in 2003, so this wasn't that long ago. :)

    Where do you get such great pictures? I find pictures in junk shops, but I have yet to come across many as great as the ones here. Keep up the good work. :)


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