Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mystery Guest

OK, today is Saturday, so it is the day I post a picture without saying who it is. For today, who is the person in the dark suit holding the hat? Good Luck!


  1. The great American statesman William Jennings Bryan.

  2. Boy, I need to start getting up earlier to beat these guys!

  3. Pope George Ringo, you got it first, and again, just a while after I posted it. Maybe it is impossible to stump the internet. I know the name WJB was famous, but I doubted people would recognize his image.

  4. Having just stumbled upon this site today, I have been looking at all the neat old photos. I have been a photographer since grade school, turning professional 5 years after high school. And I also have an affinity for history. This site brings it all together and I am thoroughly enjoying it (minus the political diatribe).

    I said all that to say this: you really know how to stump us. even with my knowledge of both photography AND history, this is the first mystery photo I guessed right the first try - YEAH!!!

    Thanks for the photos!