Monday, October 27, 2008

Flying Fortress

This picture was taken in 1942 and shows a "Flying Fortress" bomber. I love the picture showing this incredible airplane silhouetted against a sunrise. Hardware like this was critical in the US victory in World War II.

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  1. I have loved the B-17 since my high school days when I worked for the forest service in the 70's. I was part of the slurry crew that loaded planes with fire retardent for the numerous forest fires that were a part of the hot Arizona summers. Between fires, the pilots and their planes stayed at the airport where we worked. We would sit around and play cards, talk about airplanes, girls, what have you. Occasionally the pilots would let us sit in their planes. An even more choice treat was the occasional flight over the Arizona desert. My first flight in control of an aircraft was on one of those trips. One of the pilots flew a B-17. The feeling I had as an 18 year-old young man as I sat in that bird was amazing. It was as though I had been sent back in time. I thought of the many men my age who had flown in these marvelous machines as they fought for our country. I marveled at the dedication and bravery it would have taken to go up time after time in this and other airplanes. As I sat there with the controls in my hands, I almost felt as though I had been a part of that era. To this day I love the B-17. I am grateful that these marvelous machines and their human heroes were there when we needed them. May they fly forever in our skies and in our hearts.