Thursday, October 9, 2008

Electronic Equipment

This photograph was taken in about 1911, and shows men by a table full of electronic gear. One guy is talking on the phone, and the other appears to have a headset on. I don't recognize the equipment, but wonder if it is some sort of radio device. Any ideas what the electronic equipment does?


  1. y guess is radio. If you look close at the photo you will see two vaccum tubes on top of the "box" to the left of the battery

  2. My guess is that it's a magneto phone setup:
    Magneto + induction coils to clean signal & boost impedance.

  3. It's clearly one of those little things they put in stuffed animals and things, so when you squeeze it, it plays a tune. This one plays "Don't Rock The Boat" and is intended to go in one of those fake singing fish.

    (They used to be a lot bigger)

  4. leoal, that is the first chuckle I've had today, and I needed it. Thank You

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