Thursday, October 30, 2008


This picture was taken in 1908 in West Texas. The picture shows two cowboys reading their mail by an old mailbox. I don't think there are very many real cowboys left. First, technology has replaced many of the traditional cowboy jobs. Also, there are fewer and fewer really big ranches. The ranches tend to get split up as they pass from generation to generation. Third, in many areas, hunting has become a bigger business than ranching, and so in some cases, ranches have stopped running cows, and simply manage the wild game for hunting. I think it is a shame that the cowboy lifestyle has faded into the past.


  1. Correct observations PJM, but the good side of the old ranches becoming managed for wildlife is that over time the rangelands will begin to recover from 150 years of over grazing with cattle and sheep.

    One down side is that we will be producing less and less of our meat and sheep products here. Also, due to the fact that farming and ranching is fast becoming a losing proposition, we had better get used to eating Mexican and Austrailian beef and New Zealand sheep.

    Once these foreign products get too expensive, the cycle will slowly turn and we will again be in the ranching business. And so it goes.

    Great picture!

  2. This is a fine picture.
    It makes me long for these days of old.