Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Capitol Steps

This photograph was taken in about 1915, and shows the steps in front of the United States Capitol. I find the clothing interesting. I like the hats worn by the men and women, and the women are dressed in such regal fashion.

Lots of interesting comments on the posts from the last few days. I had no idea the picture of the rabbit would fire up such passions.


  1. I must say, adorable blog!
    Great idea!

  2. The car in front has bunting swagged across it, so there was probably some sort of celebration going on. The women's dress is fairly standard "every day" dress for this time period. Women wore dresses and hats all the time, unlike women today. Yes, they do look regal.

  3. omg its like in a movie scene
    i love all vintage thing very much and i check ur blog everyday ^^

  4. Given the number of people and the clairity of the photograph, I'm pretty certain it was taken with an 8x10 format camera. It also appears some event was going on. The women are all dressed in what look like similar white outfits and one woman is wearing a sash.

  5. At that time access to Washington landmarks was quite open; I doubt that anyone can hang out on the capitol steps today. AMerican Heritage ran a photo of couples picnicing on the White House lawn in the 1940's. Understandably we do not have such access today; but we certainly can miss it.

  6. The capital steps are open still, i take students to Washington every year.


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