Friday, September 5, 2008

Old Grocery Store

This is a wonderful photograph showing a feed store in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was taken in 1942. It just seems like shopping was so much more civil back in the 1940's. Little shops like these were owned by individuals who operated them with pride. When you bought something, you were buying from the person who owned the store. When I was growing up in the 60's I can remember Mom and Pop grocery stores similar to the one pictured above. I think America really lost something when we lost these small corner shops.


  1. I've got to agree. I remember walking up to the corner to get my baseball cards form a small grocery when I was a kid- got a nice cheery hello from the owner, who knew just what I was there for. In some towns where I live now these kinds of shops are making a little bit of a comeback- but are more speciality stores- a baker, butcher. But America is all about economies of scale first, pleasurable experience second.

  2. I will take the oppostie side. WHat we lost was limited variety and higher prices.

  3. just imagine what would be inside; it's sad we don't have places like this anymore...we should start a revolution

  4. limited variety----yeah b/c we need 18 kinds of POTATO CHIPS?!?!

  5. There used to be an Armenian market near where I grew up and it was very much like the old mom and pop stores. It had a little bit of many things, interesting smells from spices and foods, flowers and exotic produce. It was dark and quiet and the owner and his wife always said hello and worked the counter. They were lovely people and I don't think their kids kept the business going after they retired.

  6. Strangely enough, I found New York City to still be full of these little speciality stores. I guess it is because almost no one owns a car and the blocks form little neighborhoods where the residents mainly do their shopping. Some are called "bodegas" and seem to have a little of nearly everything.

    Also, there are some small shops in the small to mid sized towns where Wal Mart has not chosen to invade.

    I expect the big-box mind set to revert to times past as fashon and the urban flight increases. After all, one must have a number of specialty botiques to attract the weekend tourists and country wannabes

  7. Thanks to all for the memories you have posted, and the insightful comments.

    Mr. Thackeray . . . I have to admit that I do shop at Walmart. I shop there because I am busy, and by shopping there I can get most things I need in one stop, and the prices are good. So, I have to say you are right . . . I go there for good prices and wide variety, so I dont have to run all over town.

    At the same time, I always feel a little sick when I walk out of that place. I really hate the shopping experience. The employees could not care less, the customers often appear to be people in distress. It is crowded. I wonder what kind of slave wages were paid to the people who made the products I am buying. So, I agree with your comment, but I still dont feel right when I shop there.


  8. Well, the reason you were told never to go to the pool hall was because your parents new of the damage coca cola could do to you.
    I was told never to go near the church; I have to say i was grateful for my parents wisdom, I mean look what religions have done to the World.
    Thanks for the pics though. Nice bunch. The Baldchemist