Tuesday, September 23, 2008

General Pershing

This is a photograph of General Pershing in World War I. He is pictured congratulating soldiers by a Biplane. World War I was the first war in which airplanes were used.


  1. i notice that he is shaking the hands of the troop but looking at the camera. it makes me wonder about the real reason for the picture. being in the military, i see this too many times.

  2. Ah yes "monkey", the ol' dog and pony show! I have seen many military pictures like this.

    I am down at Ft. Rucker, AL right now for flight school, and the museum down here has a lot of aircraft from the WWI time frame. This was the birth of Army aviation, which eventually lead to the US Air Force after WWII. It was a wonderful time for the boom in aviation. Before this, no one really knew the power of aviation.

    If you get a chance, the curator at the museum on Post gives great tours, and if you are a military retiree or even an aviation enthusiast interested in aviation, they are VERY accommodating about giving tours and talking about the history behind most of the aircraft at the museum.

  3. I grew up with Life Magazine, many pictures of General Douglass MacArthur, marching ashore in his creased and starched kakis, AFTER the coast was clean, the fighting over, and all was safe. This guy was a laugh, he should have been in the movies. No hero in my book. The beaches were strewn with the real heroes who gave their lives for our country.