Saturday, September 20, 2008

Farmer's Market

This is a picture from the 1930's that shows a couple of farmers at their stand at a Farmer's Market.

Is it just my imagination, or does produce purchased directly from the farmer taste much, much better than what you get in the Walmart Supercenter? Take sweet corn on the cob for example. Have you ever bought sweet corn right out of a field from a farmer? There is nothing like it. Once you have had it, you really can not eat corn bought from the grocery store. I don't think I have ever gotten a good ear of corn from the grocery store. Also, watermelons . . . we use to buy watermelons on the side of the highway right in front of the farmer's watermelon patch. I have never had a store bought watermelon any where near as good as those I bought from the road side stands. Peaches are another example. Home grown peaches from the Texas Hill Country are like something you have never tasted before. The only good produce I have ever bought commercially are the fruits you can mail order from Harry and David. These are as good as what you get directly from the farmer, but my are they expensive. I have had people send me the Harry and David gift baskets, or the fruit of the month gifts, and have always enjoyed those, but they are more of a treat, not something you would order every day.

Anyway, I am hoping that the roadside fruit and vegetable stands, and the Farmer's Markets will make a come back.


  1. You are right about Texas peaches, they are the best. Back in the 60's, my 8 year old son set up a peach stand with a little folding table and chair, a sign 'peaches 20 cents a pound', and boxes filled with native peaches from our yard. In just a little while he had sold out. He made $100 that day, the same amount his older brother made by working all summer long at the drug store soda fountain.

  2. We had a neighbor, when I was a kid, who had a couple back yard peach trees. When a ripe peach was plucked from the tree it got rinsed at the nearby hose bib faucet. They were small peaches and it took about 3 of them to satisfy me.

    Those peaches were incredibly sweet and just dripping with flavor. I have never had a store-bought peach that compared.

  3. I agree nothing tastes better than fruit and veggies right from the farm stand! years ago when we lived in connecticut we had farming friends that grew sweet corn. we got spoiled eating corn fresh from the fields.... it beyond good. I get weak in the knees thinking of that corn - although I do periodically find corn at a stand that is as good - and I always make a point of asking when the corn was picked.

    darn, I blew it today and missed the saturday farmer's market!

  4. Just came upon your site by accident. I plan on visiting many times in the future. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Produce you buy at the grocery is almost invariably bred and harvested for durability in transit. Delicate produce, like tomatoes and peaches, are harvested well before they are ripe, to avoid bruising.

    And no kidding about the corn. I always hated (hated!) corn, because my parents bought canned corn, or at best corn on the cob from the grocery. I had many fights at the dinner table over being forced to eat that. Then we finally moved some place that was near corn fields, We were able to get stuff that was harvested the same day, and it was amazing.

    I can't say whether a proper Texas peach is the best, since they'd have to be shipped 1500 miles to get to me. I can say that the ones we grow here in cloudy Washington are awesome when you get them straight from the orchards, so I suspect the ones from the South must be terrific.

  6. When I saw this blog, I thought it was another "mystery man" and I knew who he was. I wanted to be first to guess and be the big winner. Must be JED CLAMPETT

  7. Anon,
    Pretty funny, but you will have to wait till next weekend for another mystery man. I am going to have to come up with a harder one.

  8. I agree, produce bought straight from the farmer or grown in your own backyard is so different than what you buy in the store. Tomatoes, especially. I don't even like raw tomatoes that are store bought, but can eat my weight's worth in cherry tomatoes if they are homegrown.

  9. My mom worked for an agriculture company when I was a kid. They owned and operated many acres of farm land in the agriculturally rich county I live in. Once the fields were no longer commercially viable (i.e. the machines couldn't pick the food), they were opened up to the employees to come in and pick as much as they could carry. We had fresh strawberries, beans, corn, asparagus, carrots, more that I can't remember. During the corn pick, we sat on the tailgate of the station wagon, shucked the corn and ate it right off the cob raw. Sweeter corn I have never tasted since. What a great benefit for the employees of that company! We filled that old wagon with quarts, bushels and pecks like there was no tomorrow, then my mom, sister and I spent at least a full weekend putting it up to freeze and we had fresh frozen produce all winter long. It saved my family so much money during a tight period for us when my dad started his business and we didn't have much money to spend. To this day, I can't eat strawberry jam because we had so much put up, lol, it's all we ate. What I wouldn't give for grape jelly as a kid! :-)

  10. I forgot to mention that all we grow in this county now is McMansions. :-(


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