Sunday, September 14, 2008

Christening a Submarine

This picture was taken in 1943 and shows the christening of the submarine USS Plaice. The woman doing the honors is Eleanor Fazzi. She was given the honor because she had recently lost her brother who was killed on the USS Yorktown at the Battle of Coral Sea. The submarine served in World War II, and was later acquired by the Brazilian navy. Before retiring the submarine, the Brazilian navy provided a memento, the sub's barometer to the Fazzi family.
Many thanks to Lea E. for providing this interesting old photograph.


  1. Horatio Spafford. His wife and he founded a religious institution, the Jerusalem Colony, in the Holy Land. En route there in late 1873 the ship in which his wife and four daughters was traveling sank after colliding with another vessel, and only his wife was saved.

  2. I came across your blog when I was researching Mary Lincoln Todd. I love your site. The pics are awesome!

  3. so how come they smack new ships with bottles anyhow? Do you know where the custom started???


  4. I still have that ribbon-wrapped bottle.