Thursday, August 21, 2008

Insurance Building

This is a picture of the Fireman's Insurance Building taken in 1909. It was in New York City, and was on the corner of Broad and Market street. It looks like a statue of a fireman up at the top corner of the building. I wonder if the building is still there?

Anyway, I mentioned the other day that I had decided to be a school teacher. This week was preparation week where the teachers get ready for the upcoming year. It turns out to be a lot of meetings learning about various state requirements and rules. Also, we were required to talk to the Aflac insurance salesman, who tries to sell you his insurance program. I had always seen their advertisements, but never really understood what their program was about. Well, the guy sits you down, and shows you this list of really bad things. Then he tells you how much they will pay you for each of the bad things. Things like dog bites, or walking through a glass door, or having cancer, or driving your car into a post. Well, they would pay you something like $150 if you got bit by a dog, or something like $3,000 if you got cancer. I told the guy I might be willing to go out and get dog bit for $150, but that he was going to have to pay me a lot more than $3,000 if he wanted me to get cancer. Seemed to me like a strange business, paying people to go out and have bad things happen to them.


  1. I found a couple of photos of the building and a little bit of information....

    This one seems to be a later photo.

  2. I was also curious to know if the building was still there, so I checked on Google Earth. The images of New York are sharp and clear, and you can zoom right in. And the answer is....Nope, it's not there.

    BTW, what are you going to teach?


  3. George,
    Thanks for the note . . . I had not thought of Google Earth.

    On your teaching question . . . I will be teaching Algebra II, Business, Computers, and Multimedia.

  4. Ahh, yes! The renowned "prep week". A week or so before the first day of school, all the teachers would come to work to prepare for their year, or at least the first week of their year. Faculty meetings, inservice training, work committee meetings, and paperwork squeeze that week until you find yourself grateful for the few hours you have toward the end of the week to actually prepare for your classes.

    Happy planning!

  5. Oh yes- the week before school starts is always fun. I work year round now (Instructional Technology) but the week before school starts is always a lot of meetings and getting everything just right. Teaching multimedia? That is awesome! Those are the teachers we work with! There's so much you can do!

    My colleagues and I appreciate your blog and read it daily. BTW- we especially liked the story of your Mom and voting for the community swimming pool!