Monday, August 18, 2008


This photograph was taken in 1914, and shows a woman participating in a Suffrage Parade. Her sign reads "Help Us to Win the Vote". It was on this day, August 18, in the year 1920 that the nineteenth amendment to the US constitution was passed, giving women the right to vote.

I can remember when I was a young boy, my dad thought that it was the Man's role to decide how the family voted. So, prior to each election, he would sit down with my mom, and show her who or what to vote for. Well, this went on for several years. Then this one time there was a ballot initiative to build a swimming pool in our little rural town. Of course, my dad was against this, thinking that kids should swim in rivers or stock tanks, so he told my mom to vote against the swimming pool. Then a couple of days later the results of the election were posted in the newspaper . . . on the swimming pool initiative, there were 197 votes "for" and 1 vote a "against". Well, my dad then realized that since he had voted "against" that my mom must have voted "for". He realized that my mom had not voted the way he had told her to. He then also realized that she had probably never voted the way he had told her to. It was an interesting time around my house that day I tell you.

Anyway, I guess some people did not catch on as fast as others, and my dad was one that was slow to change. I would imagine that he was probably not the only one with such attitudes back then. It is encouraging how far things have come since then. My daughter started her own business at age 14, at age 15 she had signed deals with several large companies, at age 16 she had a nice little income, and started investing in the stock market. My hope is that we have reached a point that nothing in the system will artificially hold her back.


  1. Interestingly, early petitions for women's voting rights were opposed by the tobacco and alcohol lobbies. They felt that suffrage and temperance went hand in hand. My friends and I did a small recreation of a Suffrage march (very small there were only 3 of us lol) at a local parade. What really was funny, we were handing out fliers with facts about voting and people really shied away from taking them. I'm not sure why.


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