Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Piano Lessons

This photograph was taken in 1899, and shows a young girl taking Piano Lessons. When I was a little kid, they made everyone take piano lessons. Yep, I had to take piano lessons . . . I really do not know why. I did try pretty hard, but I could never make any progress. You see, I could only think about one finger at a time. When it got to the part where lots of different fingers had to be doing different things at the same time, that is where I had lots of trouble. Anyway, after a couple of months, the teacher politely told my parents that they were wasting their money on the lessons, that I was not going to be a piano player.

Do you have memories to share of Piano Lessons?


  1. When I was in Jr. High, everyone had to take choir. The choir director politely asked me to just move my lips, but not make any sound during the recitals.

  2. My frustration with piano lessons was so great I bit the piano on the lip of the lid that dropped down to protect the keys. When it came time to sell our baby grand about 10 years later, when I was 15, the bite marks were clearly evident.

    My piano teacher was an old man who told me that if I shook salt on a bird's tail it would not fly away from me. I kept asking him if that was true and he kept telling me to try it and find out.

    I hated him for his lessons and his refusal to tell me the truth about birds.

  3. I took Piano lessons, I think in 6th grade. There was an old man that had a music store behind his house. It was in the old 'quaint' part of town. Mr. O'Brien. He was so nice and patient. The first song I learned to play was 'The Entertainer'. I was pretty good at it (Our dog used to sing along, I guess she liked it too). But, alas....those teenage rebellious years came creeping up on me. I gave it up after jsut a couple of years. Now I sit in church and watch the pianists in awe and wish I would have stuck with it. The only keyboard I'm good on now is a computer keyboard. LOL! Have a great day!

  4. I, too, had to "learn the piano" and my parents provided a teacher that was older than time to teach me in her home. Once a week I would go to her house for my torture and try mightily to play as I should. At the end of the lesson, the teacher would tell me to go straight home and practice for at least an hour more.

    Well, I was at the ripe age of 13 and had just discovered that girls weren't quite as weird as I had always thought. In fact, I found them to be facinating and being left in the living room to practice only led to my sitting there wondering if Glenda (from next door) even knew if I existed. Soon, Mom would come in and chastize me for not practicing, so I would half-heartidly push on the keys intil the hour was over.

    As soon as I was released to go outside, I zipped over to Glenda's only to discover that I now really did not exist because Berry from another neighborhood had been with her and they wanted nothing to do with me.

    All this disappointment translated to a firm dislike for practice and the piano. After substantial complaining and (as a last resort) whinning, mom said I could stop, but that I would have to take it up later on. I think we both knew that I was through with the piano because she never brought it up again.

    Meanwhile, Glenda dumped Barry, but not for me. It seems that a big kid (15 years old!) attracted her eye and Barry and I were left standing in the road of romance with nothing to show but a strong desire to stay away from those darned girls. Then Katy moved in across the street and the contest resumed......

  5. Thanks to all for sharing piano memories . . . did anyone stick with the lessons, and end up with a useful, lifelong skill?

  6. I thought I was the only one told to lip sync! I was in elementary school and I was crushed. But I faked my way through the rehearsals then sang my heart out in assembly. It was worse that it would have been if I had been able to practice! I will never forget Mrs. Pabst's orthopaedic shoes stomping on the piano pedals as she gave me the evil eye for singing...

  7. My piano teacher made me practice with a quarter on top of my hand.. if the quarter fell I was a failure. I can still play with a quarter on top of my hand 30 years later !


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