Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Gas Station

I love this picture from 1940 of an old gas station. It has one of the old gravity feed gas pumps. The hand pump feeds the gas up into a glass jar, with measurement marks on it. Then, the gas flows into the car by gravity. I like all the old signs, and the old man sitting on the porch. One can only wonder about all the conversations that were had under this porch.


  1. hey u..
    the owner of ths blog

    who r u

    or whts ur name

    i really wnt to know and cht with you


    whr u gt all ths old photos and the details too?

  2. do you know where this is?? Somewhere in the south???


  3. I just stumbled on your blog today and LOVE time travel.

    where in the heck do you get all these great photos....and like the first commenter of today's post said, who are you! obviously you choose to remain anonymous, but curious minds do like to know!

    hope you don't mind I put you on my blog roll in order to insure frequent nibbles - and also hope you don't mind I 'borrowed' one of the photos to use as eye candy for this week's theme thursday!

    take care. mouse

  4. Thanks for all the kind words about the blog. I am not sure where this old gas station was, but I do think it was somewhere in the south.

  5. My best guess is this little filling station/beer joint was right on a county, line, next to one that was 'dry'. Back in the 40's, there were many dry counties where no beer or liquor could be sold. Ours was one of the last hold outs, one of two counties in Texas that was dry. That changed after years of voting campaigns, and finialy the 'wet' boys won. Too bad.

  6. Frenchie's was in Melrose, LA between Alexandria and Shreveport.

  7. I actually got to use one of those gravity fed gas pumps when I drove the Alcan Hi-way in was somewhere up in the Yukon.


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