Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Dinner

This photograph is from the 1940's and shows a family enjoying dinner. I find the picture interesting in that the scene is so simple. The furnishings are plain, and not much else in the room.


  1. There are so many delightful elements here. This is not a wealthy family. Yet, dad is wearing a suit as he sits down to dinner at home. They are eating together, fully engaged with each other without a T.V. in sight. And, they're smiling at one another!

  2. The boy seems a bit old for a high chair...did you see the girl's shoe under the table?

  3. Used to live in a house that had the swinging door from the kitchen and I loved it. Not that having an open plan is bad, but sometimes it was nice to be able to go hide in my kitchen when I needed to think or the like.


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