Sunday, August 3, 2008

Calvin Coolidge

This photograph shows President Calvin Coolidge, tipping his hat to a crowd. The hat looks to be a large western style hat. Most pictures of Coolidge show him wearing a hat. I find it interesting that pictures of Coolidge always show him with a big smile, and from the pictures he would appear to be a jovial, outgoing kind of guy. It turns out though, he was an extremely reserved man. His nickname, among those who knew him was "Silent Cal", because he almost never spoke. There is a story that he once was seated at a dinner party next to a woman. The woman told him that there was a bet amongst the guests that she would be unable to get more than two words out of him during the entire dinner. His response to her was, "You Lose".

Calvin Coolidge took office as President on this day, August 3, in the year 1923, upon the death of Warren Harding.


  1. love it! love it!

  2. Think he was on an Indian visit in SD - look at the piece in his hand. Remember, he spent a number of months in SD fishing (ironically, during a hurricane) and then returned to Washington, DC and granted the $$ for Mount Rushmore to be built.

  3. Just read on another site that this hat is the special headpiece of the Smoki Indians of Prescott, AZ. Coolidge was inducted into the Smoki tribe on the grounds of the White House on Oct. 22, 1924 after having signed a bill granting Indians full U.S. citizenship.


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