Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This photograph was taken in 1910, and shows a group of children at a baseball park. Cute kids, and it looks like it could have been taken yesterday. To me it is sort of strange to look at pictures like this and realize all the people would be gone now. Life is short . . . do something worthwhile.


  1. Couldn't have been taken yesterday, because every kid would have a full uniform, and a soccer (baseball) Mom, hovering near by.

  2. And keep in mind that a portion of those "girls" in the picture are probably boys, heh. Short pants at breaching/potty training but not before.

  3. Reminds me of my grandfather, Deeby Foss, who had a career in the minor leagues (and one season in the majors, where he was sicked out with malaria and lost his contract) - after his baseball career wound down, he taught kids to play baseball through the Miami public parks, a sort of predecessor to Little League.

    Unfortunately, though Granddad loved that job and really enjoyed teaching the kids, the Depression got him worried that the job would be cut, so he became a policeman. It was steady work - but I know he always missed teaching those kids how to play the game he loved so much!


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