Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fallen at Gettysburg

Today we show a sad picture of a soldier who fell on the Battlefield of Gettysburg in the American Civil War. This tragic battle in this horrible war had about 46,000 casualties . . . In round numbers, 8,000 killed, 27,000 injured, and 11,000 captured.

The Battle of Gettysburg began on this day, July 1, in the year 1863.


  1. The photo is actually a fake. It was taken at Gettysburg after the battle but the man in question was a confederate soldier who was shot in the field (and appears in another photo). The photographer liked this location and moved the body to it and took this photo, titled Sharpshooter at Devil's Den....

  2. "Fake" is probably much too strong of a word . . . Brady and his photographers were known to re-arrange things to get a good photo, but the picture does show a dead soldier killed at Gettysburg during the battle.

  3. The point being that the impression given in the photo that the man fell where he is photographed and the reality of the situation are completely different. What is awfully sad is that the photographer just carried this dead guy around to suit his photographic needs. Show some respect for the dead, CSA or not.

  4. I'm sorry, fake is a strong word, STAGED should have been the word I used. It still was taken on the battlefield days later and that is a dead CSA Soldier killed at Little Round Top.

    Thank you for the correction