Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This photograph was taken in 1939, and shows a Hispanic Barbershop in San Antonio, Texas. I like the sign showing that a haircut was 10 cents. When I was a boy, I got my haircut in an old-time barbershop, not unlike the one shown in this picture. The cheapest I can remember haircuts being was $1. I can remember at barbershops like this, the men sitting around waiting for their turn to get a haircut would talk politics. I can remember listening to the conversations, and wishing that they would make one of those men President. Such uncommon common sense. One of the biggest issues of discussion was wasteful government spending. It is sort of funny, but I don't know one person who is not frustrated by government waste and abuse . . . at the same time, zero progress has been made in the last 40 years on the problem, it just gets worse. I saw on the news yesterday that a number of the most important Senators on the Banking Committee had been getting sweetheart loans from the very banks that they were supposed to be regulating, and worse yet, the banks primarily responsible for the sub-prime mess. So, while they were supposed to be minding the store, they were in fact taking what looks a whole lot like bribes. Where is the outrage?


  1. The country is run by the banks...what They want, they get...This is a Wonderful site!! Thank you for all your hard work on it! Happy day!

  2. It seems to me that we, as a country, have lost our moral compass. I worked in Federal and state government all of my working life and saw the hugh percentage of line workers and leaders giving a solid day's work for a less than competitive wage. Unfortunately, many "leaders" of these work forces are in their jobs because they are elected or appointed by a politician. These are the individuals that destroy the work and pride of those actually doing the work. The banks are a good example.

    The politicians and their appointees get away with their dishonesty only because we all do not watch them closely and hold them accountable through recall or by not reelecting them. Most people are too busy to watch the news or take part in public hearings until the issue at hand impacts them directly. Then they wonder why no one else is concerned!

    I have waited many years for this to change, but it appears that something will need galvanize us all into action so we will pay attention to what is going on around us. I had thought 9-11 would do it but within a year we were all back in our head in the sand pose again.

    I refuse to five up though.We are a tough bunch that will respond grandly to any threat to the country's or our allies safety. In the meantime, lets at least watch the news every day.

  3. While I enjoy your site. One thing that seemed more common in days gone by is personal responsibility. Yes the banks are partially responsible but homebuyers signed a contract for the most important purchase of their lives, if you didn't read the contract, shame on you. Do not expect me to reach into my pocket to bail out the ignorant.