Monday, July 28, 2008

American Pilot

This is a photograph of an American Marine pilot in World War II. The picture was taken in 1942. When you look at pictures like this of World War II soldiers, it is sad to think of how these men are now well into their 80's and I think something like 1,000 a day are dying. This greatest generation is quickly passing away.


  1. You are so right about the depression/war generation slipping away. I would suggest that those whose parents of this generation are still with us do as we did as often as possible. After diner, after the dishes were taken care of and everyone was sitting at the table (what a concept, today), we would get Dad to talk about his youth or time in the military. I would set up a recorder and let it play as we listened and responded to him. These memories will be there for me and my sisters, but more importantly, they will be available for the following generations.

    I can't wait for one of my grandchildren to ask about my Dad. I canintroduce him to her through the family talks arround the table.

    Great blog. I will never buy a range like yours especially since I have had a bad experience with a Kitchenaid refrigerator. Never was resolved.....but yours will be better soon. How about marshmellows in the fireplace?

  2. Al,
    There is a lot of wisdom in your suggestion. I agree that anyone with a WWII vet in their family should record or videotape there story.

    My dad had been in World War II, and I need to do what you suggest. I find it interesting also, that being born in 1920, he actually knew Civil War veterans. When he was a child, he heard the stories of the Civil War from men who had fought the battles. It is funny that you think of the Civil War as ancient history, but there are people alive today who had known Civil War vets.

    I always appreciate your comments and insight . . . thanks