Sunday, June 15, 2008

Telegraph Wagon

This photograph was taken at the Siege of Petersburg in the Civil War. It shows a military telegraph wagon used by Union troops in the area. Tents in a military camp can be seen in the background. Interesting to note the "ghost like" figure in the left of the photograph. I assume this was due to an accidental double exposure. It was on this day, June 15, in the year 1864, that the Siege of Petersburg began.

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  1. Not a double exposure, shooting wet collodion plates require long exposures, this one probably around 6 seconds, long enough for the man to walk out of the shot leaving a ghost like appearance. You posted another shot of wounded soldiers under a tree too that has a ghost figure. Especially noticeable in images with horses with blurred tails or ears. On a cloudy day it is possible to make self portraits in wet plates, just pull the lens cap off run and jump in the shot, hold for a few seconds, jump out and put the cap back on!


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