Friday, June 6, 2008

Eskimo Family

This photograph shows an Eskimo Family. The picture was made in 1929 by Edward Curtis. I wish I knew more about the history of these indigenous people.
I wonder if there are any Eskimos still living the traditional lifestyle in Igloos, or have all these people moved into modern lifestyles?


  1. I never knew any Inuit personally who lived like that but I grew up in Northern Alberta, lots of my native friends' grandparents had been hunters etc. So I decided to look this up a bit because I was curious and according to "The Inuit people are the most widely dispersed group in the world still leading a partly aboriginal way of life."

    I guess that means yes, at least in part.

    I was surprised to find this website actually, as it is only about an hour away from me, so I think I will go visit it some time this summer. Nova Scotia is not really known for its Inuit culture. And Lunenberg's history is more involved in shipbuilding and fishing so it seems kind of random that it is there.

    Anyway, I really enjoy your pictures every day, keep up the good work!

  2. Actually, some villages in Canada and Alaska have tried to reverse the trend towards "modern life". But in reality, there is no going back all the way. Modern life-styles have too large an appeal to the youth in the villages. Who would stand for hours staring at a seal airhole in the ice, waiting with a harpoon, when he can lay on a pad and shoot one with a scoped 30-06 at 100 meters while sipping coffee? The old way is going.

  3. My mother was born in Steven's Village Alaska. Because her mother did not know who the father was and probably couldn't afford to take care of her, she was put up for adoption and she remembers as an infant, the plane ride away from her village. She then grew up in Fairbanks and at 18 moved to California where she would live a modern life and raising us, her children the same way.