Monday, June 9, 2008

The Black Hills

This picture was taken in 1890, and shows an old locomotive going through the Black Hills in the Dakota Territory. It must have been exciting back in those days to take such a train trip.

There is still an authentic Narrow Gauge Railroad that runs from Durango Colorado to Silverton. It is an incredible ride that really takes you back in time. If you ever get a chance to take this ride, it is something you will not want to miss.


  1. Oh does this little train take me back, not to the Black Hills but to Durango. My folks took me and my brothers on that fantastic train ride from Dugango to Silver City when I was a child. I mostly remember the beautiful lush green folage, the beautiful sights around every bend, and the smell of our sack lunches Mama had made, egg sandwiches and an apple. Seventy eight years ago and this blog today made it new to me again. Thank you. CD

  2. Anon,
    Thanks for the post. That train you are remembering is still running. Like you, I rode it as a child with my parents. Then I rode it again as an adult some 15 years ago. I have really been wanting to take my family for the ride. It is truly one of the most wonderful things to be done in the United States.

  3. I've been blessed as well to have taken a ride on the Durango-Silverton railroad as a kid. What an amazing ride and something that can help kids today understand just where we have been in terms of transportation. I hope to get my own daughter on this railroad eventually.

  4. The quality of this photo is excellent. I can count 11 people. It seems as if they have stopped to look at a rock slide that has damaged the side track. All of the black and white photos in your blog are sharp and crisp. What about those old cameras. Lam


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