Friday, May 23, 2008

William Carney

Today we feature a portrait of William Carney. William was born a slave. He managed to escape from slavery during the Civil War. He joined the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and obtained the rank of Sergeant. He participated in the historic Assault on Fort Wagner, which was one of the first major battles in which Union Forces used Black Troops in the Civil War. The 54th Massachusetts Volunteers, and their assault on Fort Wagner was the subject of the movie "Glory". This move came out some time ago, but is truly an inspirational film.
On this day, May 23rd, in the year 1900, William Carney became the first Black man to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was honored for his heroism at the Assault on Fort Wagner.


  1. Grand, interesting stories. This blog reminds me of Gary Larson and his "Far Side", a story a day instead of having the whole joke book thrown in your lap at once. I look forward to the reading of great men and women who are our history and made our country what it is today. I salute you.

  2. Thank you. Simple.

  3. Wonderful movie. Just FYI it was banned from showing in many countries.

    I just believe that we take so many things for granted and easily forget things paid in blood by brave men.


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