Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Surveying Crew

This photograph shows a group of Surveyors for the Deadwood Railroad. The picture was taken in 1888 in the Dakota Territory.


  1. It is amazing, but the equipmemt you see in the picture is virtually the same used until about the late 1960's when electronice and lasers began to take over. Today, most of the brain work of surveying is done by a specially designed computer that is carried by the crew chief or telemetered to one in the nearby truck. The new surveyors barely know how to use the old stuff....which isn't half bad.

  2. Above we show a moving photo of Deadwood Central R.R. Engineer Corps. It was made in 1888 by Grabill, John C. H., photographer..

    The illustration documents Outdoor group portrait of ten railroad engineers, wearing suits and hats, and a dog, posing in a row with surveyors' transits on tripods and measuring rods.

    We have compiled this collection of artwork mainly to serve as a vital educational resource. Contact curator@old-picture.com



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