Monday, April 7, 2008

Suffrage Parade

This photograph was taken in 1916, and shows a car participating in a Suffrage Parade.


  1. Just consider in less than 90 years, we've gone from women gaining the right to vote to a woman running for President. It's surprising that what we take for granted today - in many aspects of life - were simply fantasy not too long ago!

  2. Yes, it wasn't until 1920 until the United States as a whole enacted full women's suffrage, and you often hear about the movement in the USA and England. But few know that Wyoming was the first place in the world to allow universal women's suffrage - to allow all women who were citizens and of age to vote in a general election (some women before that had been allowed to vote if they owned property AND had no husband, but there were finally no such restrictions in Wyoming.

    On September 6, 1870, Louisa Swain (a cousin of my cousins) cast that first vote in Laramie, Wyoming. I have photographed the statue of her, which is located just a few doors down the street from my business, the Grabo' Gallery of Fine Art Photography. Wyoming is for this and other reasons known as the Equality State.

    See her story and pictures at:
    (other pictures of her may be available on the net.)

    -- Steve Grabowski, photographer / optician