Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jesse James

This picture shows the Outlaw Jesse James, after being killed by Robert Ford. Robert Ford gunned down Jesse James on this day, April 3, 1882.

Jesse James had moved to Saint Joseph, Missouri, and intended to retire from the outlaw life. He did want to do one last job, and rob the Platte City bank. In order to do the job, he let the brothers Robert and Charles Ford join the gang. They decided, however, that they would betray James, kill him, and collect the reward.

Ford was living with Jesse James, and on the morning of April 3, the Fords were in the living room with Jesse. Jesse noticed dust on a picture, and walked over to clean it. He was not wearing a gun. Robert took advantage of this situation, and shot Jesse in the back of the head.

Ford turned himself in, and was charged and convicted of murder. Shortly before he was to be hung, he was pardoned by the Governor of Missouri.


  1. A strange way to have your portrait taken. So that is how Jesse James met his inglorious end; what a story.

  2. You do realize that portrait was taken after he was dead, don't you? Strange indeed!

  3. how sad to be gunned down while he was unarmed!! and then photographed like a piece of meat. we are no better than animals if we approve of this display. i am ashamed of robert ford - he was and is a coward for shooting jesse james in the back!!

  4. jesse james knew he was going to die thats why he toke off his gun belt.

  5. Jesse WANTED to die. He had mentioned suicide before. He also mentioned how he kept coming out of his body and had demons. He wanted to die because he was miserable and he knew that Ford would do it the cowardly way. So he really got two things he wanted. One, to die, and two to ruin Robert Ford. He was very clever!