Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wheelbarrow Full of Money

This is an interesting picture of a man with a big cart load of money. It was taken in the 1910's or 1920's. Actually, he worked at the US Treasury, and it was his job to wheel the old money around that had been returned for destruction. He had been at this job for 50 years. Ahhhh . . . so close yet so far away.

Have you ever noticed how we always think that more money would solve all of our problems? I find it interesting that when you look into it, more often than not, when people win the big lotteries, it ends up ruining their lives. We all think that that would NOT happen to us, but it sure seems to be the most likely outcome of a big windfall. I never play the lottery, not because it is a waste of money, but because I am afraid that I might win. No, I am happy with things the way they are. I have a wife of noble character, a delightful teenage daughter, and two little puppies, Elmo and Ginger. That is all I need.

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  1. You are blessed indeed, PJM.The Lord bless you and yours.