Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poor Child

This photograph shows a poor girl living in a "shacktown" near Oklahoma City. The picture was taken in 1936, and shows the poverty of the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma. When I started this blog, I was planning on featuring a lot of old happy or funny pictures. It turns out that there are many more sad pictures than happy pictures in history. I think we sometimes forget how good we have it today.


  1. I think you're right, we do forget how good we have it today and how hard our ancestors worked to make it so.

  2. Indeed. And I wonder when the switch happened, when people posing for a photograph felt obligated to, or were told to, say cheese.
    Thank you for so many history lessons and sensitive insights.
    Just started my own first blog; may I link to yours?

  3. Maj44,
    Thank you so much for yout insightful post. You make an intersting point . . . people are expected to smile in pictures today whether they feel like it or not.

    Yes, feel free to link to the blog.