Thursday, February 28, 2008

New York City Street Scene

This photograph was taken in 1920, and shows a busy street scene on 5th Avenue in New York City. I got to go to New York City one time on a business trip. It was a really neat place. I grew up in a little town of about 1,500 people. When I grew up, I moved to a city of about 750,000. I have decided that cities are wonderful places to visit, but I prefer to live in small towns. I enjoy the sense of community that exists in small places . . . neighbors watching out for each other, and that sort of thing. I guess most people would prefer to live in the city, and that is why they are so big.


  1. Having grown up in a town of 7000, then moving to a suburb of several hundred thousand, and now, after living a few years in a large city, I can tell you what I've learned: plenty of people do not want to be in the city, but that's where the jobs are, that's where they've managed to settle. They want out, but they aren't sure how they ought to go about doing it.

  2. I was a military Junior (an Air Force child not to be confused with an Army Brat) fortunate enough to live in the country and the citys. Where ever we were we almost always lived on a base and tended to our own knitting.
    The base was an ideal place in that the living was structured and uniform, you knew where everyone stood and everything was neat and squared away. Childern that misbehaved were handled quickly and we cared for one another just like a small town.
    Also, due to the constant moving,the military children were more outgoing and able to fit into the few civilian schools we had to attend. They seem to fare better in later life, too.
    Now I have retired in a Texas town of about 4800 people and feel like it is the best place in the world, especially with the electronic communication like cable tv and internet and cell phones that are available today.