Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hatfield-McCoy Feud

Today we feature a photograph from 1897 of the Hatfield clan, of the famed Hatfield-McCoy feud. Both the Hatfield and McCoy clans were involved in farming and Moonshining. The feud began in 1873, over a dispute over a pig. Before it was over, over a dozen members of the two families were killed, others imprisoned, there were several kidnappings, and there was significant loss of property on both sides. Legal aspects of the feud eventually ended up in the US Supreme Court. It is tragic when you think about how much both sides lost because they could not get along. Most tragic of all, both families will always be remembered, not for the good things they could have done, but for the fact that they could not get along with their neighbors.
I live in a small community of about 400 people, and have to say that it is a wonderful blessing to have good neighbors. Recently the man that built our house had an emergency medical situation that led to incredible medical bills. The entire community turned out for an "auction" to generate financial support for him. Every one brought small items like cakes and cookies and peanut brittle. One cake went for $300 and a plate of peanut brittle sold for $400. Many thousands of dollars were raised to help him get back on his feet. I asked one man why he paid so much for a plate of peanut brittle, and he said, "because I know he would have done the same for me". Life is so much easier when neighbors get along.


  1. I think that's a real shame that a lot of places don't have that connection as a community! I live in the city so naturally there isn't a lot of interaction as in small towns but small towns do have a bonus. Since you have such an understanding that you could help out someone like that in need. Fantastic post!! I absolutely love your blog it's one of my top favorites!!!

  2. Mooseriot,
    Thanks for the post and kind words about the blog. I lived for many years in Albuquerque, but worked in Silicon Valley. Got tired of the rat race, and moved to West Texas, back to where I grew up. After a year here, I can say that I dont regret the decision.