Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Execution in Washington DC

This photograph was taken in November of 1865. The execution was done near the US capitol building in Washington DC. The photograph shows a solder on the gallows who has just sprung the trap door. Executed was Confederate Captain Henry Wirz. Wirz was one of only two confederate soldiers executed for war crimes after the Civil War. Wirz was the infamous Jailer of Andersonville. Andersonville was a prisoner of war camp where many Union prisoners were starved to death. The first Union prisoners were imprisoned at Andersonville on this day, February 27 in the year 1864.


  1. I like what your doing here, I really enjoy looking at these old pictures, but in reference to the topic of war crimes in the Civil War I think it`s a shame that not one single Union officer or Union soldier was brought to justice for the exact same crime. It`s a proven fact that conditions in northern prison camps where Confederate prisoners were held were just as bad if not worse in some cases.

  2. You do realize, of course, that Henry Wirz was subjected to a sham trial and literally lynched by the federal government? The man was completely innocent.