Monday, February 18, 2008

Amish Man

This is a picture of an Amish man, taken in 1942. The picture was taken in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I find the Amish fascinating. There is something very attractive to me about their simple lifestyle. I think many of us long for a less confused lifestyle, and the Amish have maintained it all these years.


  1. I am also fascinated by the Amish. One of my dream vacations is to go to Pennsylvania and take a tour of the Amish Country. I've visited many websites about it. Thank you for the pictures! I can't go a day without looking at them. I love nostalgia!

  2. calgal: we go to Lancaster, PA often. It's not too far from where I live in Delaware. You can see many Amish families riding in thier little buggies. It's very quaint, their food is good, nothing fancy, just wholesome homecooked goodness. They are also very clean. I admire the way they live. If we all could live a more simpler life, we'd be all the better for it.
    The Amish live and have businesses all along Route 30 (Lincoln Highway). We pass through now and then too, when we visit Gettysburg.

  3. I would say this man is Menonnite ...
    I love PA ... and US ... too

    Valerie in France


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